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Boat Storage Winnipeg: Kosha Moves Is Your Go-To Source

If you're wondering how to keep your boat safe when you're not using it, this guide is here to help. We'll talk about everything you need to know about storing boats in Winnipeg.

Understanding Boat Storage: Where Boats Rest

Think of boat storage as a parking spot for your boat when you're not out on the water. It's like a cozy home for your boat until you're ready to sail again.

Benefits of Boat Storage: Why It Matters

· Boat Longevity: Storing your boat properly helps it last longer.

· Protection: Storing your boat shields it from bad weather and damage.

· Space: You get more space at home because your boat isn't in the way.

Different Boat Storage Options in Winnipeg

1. At Home:

· What it is: Keeping your boat right at your home.

· Why Choose It: Easily accessible and doesn't cost extra.

· Pros: No added fees, you can reach your boat whenever you want.

· Cons: Requires space and must follow local regulations.

2. Marinas and Yacht Clubs:

· What it is: Special places designed for boats.

· Why Choose It: Access to services and a community of boat owners.

· Pros: Amenities available, a chance to connect with other boaters.

· Cons: Often involves a fee, and might require advanced booking.

3. Indoor Storage:

· What it is: Keeping your boat indoors, away from the elements.

· Why Choose It: Protects your boat from weather and increases security.

· Pros: Weatherproof storage, enhanced safety for your boat.

· Cons: Usually comes with a cost, limited space might be a challenge.

Proper Boat Storage: Caring for Your Boat

Taking care of your boat during storage is crucial. Here's a closer look at each step:

1. Cleaning Your Boat:

Before your boat takes its storage break, give it a thorough cleaning. Remove any dirt, salt, or debris that might have accumulated during your water escapades. A gentle scrub with soap and water does the trick. Once it's sparkly clean, make sure it's completely dry before you tuck it away. This prevents moisture from causing damage over time.

2. Covering Your Boat:

After cleaning and drying, gently drape a cover over your boat to keep it safe from the sun's rays, dust, rain, and even curious critters. A well-fitted cover acts like a guardian, ensuring your boat stays in pristine condition until you're ready to get back on the water.

3. Fuel Care:

If your boat has a motor, take note of its fuel tank. Before storing your boat, make sure the tank is either nearly full or almost empty. This might sound a bit strange, but it prevents moisture from accumulating inside the tank. A full tank leaves less room for air and therefore less room for moisture to form, while an almost empty tank reduces the amount of air that can bring in moisture.

4. Support Your Boat:

For boats on land, offering proper support is key. Think of it as providing your boat with a comfortable bed. If your boat is out of the water, place it on secure stands or a cradle designed to handle its weight. This keeps the hull properly supported and prevents stress points that could lead to damage over time.

How Much Does Boat Storage Cost in Winnipeg?

There's usually two types of boat storage options, there's outdoor boat storage and indoor boat storage.

Indoor Boat storage: Indoor storage usually has a large covered lot with no dedicated spaces. It has multiple boats in the same lot, which makes it easier to protect them. The cost is usually anywhere between $50 to $100 per week depending on the features of the lot.

Outdoor Boat Storage: Usually has a dedicated storage unit for your boat. This kind of storage unit usually costs between $30 to $50 per week depending on the features of the unit.

The cost is also affected by the kind of boat, for example, if you're looking for Pontoon boat storage in Winnipeg, the unit will have a different price because of the size of the storage unit

Winter Boat Storage: Winter boat storage is usually more expensive because of the season. The winter season sees a more influx of storage unit customers because they want to store their valuable possessions such as high performance vehicles and of course boats.

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Q1: Can I store my boat outside in my yard?

ANS: While possible, it's recommended to choose a covered storage option to shield your boat from the elements.

Q2: Do I need to clean my boat before storing it?

ANS: Yes, cleaning your boat before storage removes dirt, salt, and debris that can cause damage over time.

Q3: Should I remove the battery during storage?

ANS: If your boat has a battery, it's a good idea to remove it and store it in a cool, dry place to prolong its life.


As we finish, you know the basics of boat storage in Winnipeg. By storing your boat, the right way, you're keeping it ready for your next adventure on the water. So, whether it's boating season or not, your boat will be in good shape and ready to go.


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